We all know how important videos are to your online courses.
And we all know how HARD videos are to make….until now!

The online course industry is a $57 Billion a
year industry and is expected to double the next year.
Will you be a part of that?

Online Courses that include video are 83% more effective in helping students remember the information.


"I don't know how to make effective videos"
"I don't want to be in front of the camera"
"It takes too much time"
"I'm not technical"
"It’s expensive"

What if creating course videos could be simple, easy and effective?

What if you finally created your online course, felt confident in front of the camera and bought the right equipment without breaking the bank?
You can finally do it, with my proven system. .

Since 2003, Jeff Long has been producing videos and online courses. He has streamlined his process into a system that he's used with fortune 500 companies, New York Times best-selling authors and online course creators. He has worked with with people like Dan Miller, Carrie Wilkerson, the Ziglar Company and more.

What would it look like if you could take the shortcut to create effective course videos in half the time?

Think of the money you will save, the confidence you will have, and frustration you will avoid! And, all the time you saved can go towards creating other courses and helping more people just by following my step by step system.

By having professional videos, you will:

- Easily showcase yourself as the industry leader
- Separate yourself from the competition
- Be able to create effective course videos in half the time
- Quickly take your business to the next level

Introducing Easy Video For Courses

Finally…a step-by-step system to create effective online course videos in half the time. We all know how important videos are to the success of online courses.

Course Content Includes:

Module #1

The Most Effective Types Of Videos For Online Courses And When To Use Each
  • The 3 Types Of Videos That You Should Consider, No Matter What Your Online Course Is About
  • The simplest type of video to produce for your online courses
  • The 3 reasons why you should consider being on camera (even if you’re scared of being on camera)
  • How to get someone else to create the content for your video

Module #2

DIY iPhone Video for Courses
  • The right apps to use to get the best video and editing (iPhone or Android)
  • The best teleprompter app to get for the best results
  • My recommended equipment to get the best video out of your smart phone
  • How to get videos off your phone and onto your computer

Module #3

Easy Screen Capture Tips and Tricks
  • The simple & fast setup to get the most out of the screen capture software
  • What to turn off on your computer to avoid distractions during recording
  • How to make your screen capture videos look professionally made without spending a lot of time making them

Module #4

Where to find professional graphics at bargain prices
  • My go-to resources for graphics to use in your videos
  • Where to find PowerPoint templates that you can quickly customize
  • Stock photos that look great & don’t break the bank

Module #5

7 Strategies To Get Confident in Front of the Camera
  • My simple system for being on camera, delivering your best content and not freaking out
  • What to wear on camera to make you look your best
  • How to write a script without reading it on camera

Module #6

Creative teaching strategies to make effective course content
  • Where to find people that are looking for your expertise…and how to create content for them
  • Simple ways to create content that your students will remember forever
  • The easiest type of video to create

Module #7

Video Equipment and Software: Quality options from Free to Advanced
  • The best video cameras to buy, based on your budget
  • The video editing platform you should buy on a budget
  • The video editing software you may already own…and it’s not what you think

Module #8

Lighting Techniques & Equipment from Free to Advanced
  • When to use natural lights in your videos and where to position yourself & camera
  • Why you should buy studio lights
  • The simple guide to setting up your studio lights, even in a small room

Module #9

Getting Great sounding audio in all your videos with any budget
  • The 3 types of microphones you should consider and which one is best for you
  • How to get the best audio out of your Smart Phone

Module #10

Putting it all together: How to get Your Video Files Online, Organized and Ready To Sell
  • The 2 options to consider and the 1 popular hosting company NOT to use
  • Where to put your videos files so they play smoothly on any device

Includes a Bonus Guide:
The DIY Video Studio Guide

My favorite equipment and software to use without breaking the bank